A. Fundamental Questions

In online markets, you can buy and sell common currencies (dollars, pounds, yen, etc. against each other), commodities like metals (gold, copper ...), energies such as oil, Crypto currencies or company shares. This could be possible just by connecting to the Internet and installing a trading platform on your system to make a profit.

A Latin term derived from the word Foreign Exchanges, which is used to make a profit from the difference between the buy and sale price. Unlike other financial markets, the Forex market doesn’t belong to a specific physical location. Even Banks and institutions buy and sell common currencies by connecting to the World Wide Web.

Computer system, Internet network, installing required platforms connected to your broker and comprehensively trained to analyze the market and how to use the technical tools.

To open an account and enter the Financial markets, you need to choose a reliable broker. As long as you choose a reliable broker and merely depend on your own knowledge (rather than market signals!) definitely investing in this market is trustable. However, it is a high-risk market and as much as you have strong chance of winning, you might lose some part of your investment occasionally.

Most brokerages offer you a minimum possibility capital of $ 100 to open an account. However, in some brokers you can open an account with even $10. But in practice, investing less than $ 500 is not recommended for investors because of the higher risk! 


● Your profit depends on many factors. Including:

    1. Your knowledge of the market
    2. How to manage capital and risk
    3. The amount of money you enter into the transaction
    4. How much time you spend for trading
    5. The broker that you choose to open an account (for deducting costs such as spreads, commissions, etc.)

In online markets, you can profit from buying and selling currencies, commodities such as coffee or metals (such as gold and copper), cryptocurrencies, energy (such as electricity or oil), as well as stocks of Branded companies.

there are different ways to trade Crypto in online markets. The two most common ways of these methods are CFD and exchange trading. In the exchange model, you only buy and sell bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies through reputable websites, and it is just like buying and selling coins. But in the CFD method, the technical analysis is same as Forex trading, but for fundamental analysis, the specific fundamental news related to the coin (that you are trading on), must be studied.

● Binary option is a risky game in which traders have to predict the future price of a currency pair or stocks at a specified time, for example, the next 5 minutes. So, by predicting correctly with a certain amount, one will win the game, otherwise, they lose the whole capital. The binary option’s alternatives are depending on the outcome of the prediction which is yes or no and that is why it is named binary (1 or 0). It is more like a gamble rather than a scientific analysis for financial markets! There is no capital management in this type of performance.

● Option or option contracts are a type of contract for buying or selling in various assets such as stocks or pairs of commodities.  Option contracts can be adjusted and they are considered to reduce the risk in transactions and have a maturity . Contracts are applicable and executed only at the discretion of the contract holder. The option contract market has less liquidity than other financial markets.


Anything that puts your capital on a safe margin for investing with less risk is called Capital Management. Such as forming an investment portfolio and dividing it into capillaries  or observing the instruction in increasing step-by-step investment. For more information, please refer to the Business and Capital Webinar with the presence of Mr. Nima Zand.


Depends on so many subjects. Such as

you are a long-term or medium-term trader | What type of currency pairs you trade in.

For example, if you want to trade in instrument that USD is in one side, the market is definitely more volatile when US central banks open. Note that the Forex market is closed on Saturdays and Sundays and opens at midnight on Sunday or Monday morning.

IT depends on your trading strategy. But, in most cases, news and fundamental analysis can help to provide an overview of the situation ahead and a better understanding of market sentiment. But we do not have to constantly worry about the news. In fact, in the sentimental method you are dealing more with charts than other data.

if you are fluent in English you stand a better chance of understanding economic reports. But that does not necessarily mean that you will be a more successful trader. In fact, you do not need a very specialized translation to understand the contents of economic calendars. Because you are just analyzing the numbers of the desired commodity or currency; plus, the method of reading and understanding the news which is available in the training courses, will help you handle this matter easily.

Signal is a number that is only announced to buy or sell at this point. In fact, you can trade at a certain price and the profit and loss limit numbers. Sometimes numbers would change (which you may not be able to decide at that moment or execute). But the Trading Setup represents all the signs to enter the position, not a definite order to enter it. In fact, for opening a position, you have to wait for the right entry point. This method has high educational aspect. It is useful for trained people. Because the logic of analysis and the reason for entry are clear for making a reasonable decision.

No. However, by collecting and training the best traders (in the form of the Phoenix trading team), the Phoenix Teams has created a group in the form of WhatsApp channels, in which the Phoenix Traders provides the best trading Setups to VIP members. Click here to subscribe to this channel.



Yes, you find “Contact Us” in the menu bar and click on the social media icons
You will be connected directly to the assigned pages.

B. Trading Questions

Yes, you can buy or sell in a trading at any time by installing your broker trading platform (mobile version). But it is recommended to have a better technical analytical aspect. We basically recommend to trade by a computer system. Mobile app is mainly good to control the position.

We do not recommend using any robots other than the one you built yourself. In general, robots (up to now) are unable to analyze market sentiment.

One of the worst and most dangerous habits of traders is over-trading. By doing this, you might pay more commission to the broker, which may seem nothing at the beginning, but after some time this amount will become significant. Excessive trading destroys your trading order, keeping you far from your strategy, and has a detrimental effect on your psychologic terms.

Technical and fundamental are two inseparable components of financial markets and both are complementary. With technical analysis you will build a road to reach the destination, and fundamental signs will guide you to address your goals.

Spread is the difference between the buy rate (Ask) and the sell bid (Bid), which is measured in pip units. In fact, Spread is the cost that you as a trader must pay to a broker to enter into a trade.

Spread= 2pips

Most Technical patterns are more valid at Long terms than at the short intervals. Among the patterns that have more credibility and more attractiveness in the technical discussion, we can mention the pattern of shoulder or twin ceiling or floor. Sometimes analysts go too far and analyze any form of chart movements based on patterns, which is inaccurate and dangerous.

using different types of indicators depends entirely on your Trading Strategy, but the most widely used indicators are the Ichimoku, MACD and RSI indicators.

Indicators often show the average price trend with a delay but Oscillators show the range of fluctuations in a more detailed way and sometimes they are not accurate.

No. You can attend the training courses of Phoenix Teams with any educational or work background and at the same time receive the full support from Phoenix Teams until you gained the required skills.

it is the advanced analysis method which is based on Price Action analysis, testing and studying the behavior of traders (market sentiment) at the moment. For sentimental analysis, a trader must be proficient in price action analysis on the chart and meanwhile fundamental analysis is necessary to identify the market sentiment.

All psychological terms and personal behaviors that are intensified during trading, such as fear, prejudice, anxiety, greed or wishful thinking. They have the most harmful impact on your transactions and unfortunately, there are the minimum practical training courses in the market on this matter.

A mutual relationship or connection between two or more things is called Correlation. This factor is evaluated in the market according to the relationship between two instruments, which is measured by a number in the range of -1 to +1 as the correlation effect.

After learning the training courses, you will start trading in the experimental term. Based on what you have learned, you open the buy or sell transactions. After closing the trades, whether with profit or loss, you will take a photo of them and keep it in your personal folder. As a result, you will have criteria for evaluating your performance. Your performance cannot be evaluated on your own, and you might require expert’s review. Phoenix support team will assist you in this matter if you wish.

Remember there is no professional trader without a trading journal.


● It is called for setting trading plan based on:
- Your Trading Timeframes
- Your favorite Tools in the Technical or Sentimental analysis
- Risk Management

All of which requires practice and backtesting over a period of time, is called a Trading System. It should be noted that the system is efficient according to your knowledge, experience and your personal features. To achieve this, you can contact with the Phoenix support team.

C. Trading Account and Brokers Questions

a brokerage is a bridge between traders and Liquidity providers. In fact, without a broker, we cannot access online financial markets and price indices to buy or sell. For more information, you can watch the relevant video through this link.

-Regulation or approval of legal authorities

-Low cost and spreads of transactions

-Full support in our language

-Exchange services

based on customer’s location we will recommend the best brokers such as

IG, ROBO FOREX, HOT FOREX, BDSWISS. For more information, please contact us.

in financial markets, commissions are a fixed fee that traders pay in each transaction once the transaction is opened. But Spreads are variable in most trades that will increase or decrease according to trading hours or news which is called dynamic cost.

By clicking on the broker link, you can open an account for yourself and go through the steps of authentication as well as selecting the type of account, and then get in touch with broker consultants (in your language) to deposit money.

 The Phoenix team recommends to beginners not to open a real account before taking the training courses, and only work in the broker's demo account.

No. For any reasons, including termination of cooperation with Iran, the broker is obliged to inform customers in advance, so that customers will be able to withdraw their money or transfer it into an alternative broker instead.

All you have to do is contact your financial advisors in the broker. They will guide you to transfer your profit in the shortest possible time.

Some platforms are designed by brokers and others belong to the different companies. For most new users, using Meta Trader 4 (which is a pre-defined platform) is easier to use. The Ctrader platform is another option which is more professional but as a downside, it can only be used in some brokers and usually its spread is higher. Some brokers also have their own platform, which is not included in our recommendation list.

Most brokers have an account called a demo or trial account, which is exactly the same as the real account but it is experimental.  You would be able to enter a certain volume, for example $ 1000 as a default.  The profit and loss in it is not real and helps you to improve your trading skills.

The Rebate means discount and reduction. In the trading subject it means a discount on spreads and commissions that traders are supposed to pay. For example, if you paid 3 pip spreads to trade a currency pair and your trading volume is 1 standard lot, you should pay the equivalent of $30 spread. If you get a rebate, your spread cost will be reduced to a lower amount, which in this case you may pay only $27 instead of $30. Note that to earn a rebate you must apply through the institution or person who is your IB or Broker Affiliate. This discount amount varies from one broker to another and usually to all trades you open and close; Returns to your account as a rebate profit. In some brokers this interest is paid to your account on a monthly or weekly basis and in others even on a daily basis.

IB stands for “Introducing Broker”. It stands for individuals or legal entities which introduce new customers to the broker and the broker pays the IB rebate or commission in return for this introduction. This cost is covered by the spreads that traders pay. Which is paid directly by the broker and is not deducted from the trader's account.

  1. 1-Open the link of brokers recommended by Phoenix Traders from this section.
  2. 2-Depending on your choice, you can create a DEMO or REAL account.
  3. 3-Go to the trading platform menu in the broker and install it on your system.
  4. 4-It is recommended by the Phoenix team, Meta Trader 4 for laptops or computer systems.
  5. 5-You will receive an email from your broker containing your account number and password, as well as the type of account or server of your choice.
  6. 6-Install the above information on the platform.

Now everything is ready for you. You can get help from the instructional video on how to work with Meta Trader in our webpage.

D. Training courses and Registration Questions

 Phoenix has two seasonal courses:

  1. a) Foundation Course
  2. b) Advanced Course

Apart from these courses, webinars are also held. They are announced routinely on website and social networks. Click here for more details on our training courses



Courses are often defined as one month. Classes are conducted online in Google meet platform.  After registration, the slide of each session is available to you before the class begins. At the end of each class, you will have the access to the recorded video in order to watch and review the course. The videos of sessions will not be downloadable but they can be watched without any limitation. During the course, you can benefit from private sessions with trained assistants and two private sessions with the course instructor.

Yes. You can inquire about Phoenix Traders private classes by contacting our consultants.

Phoenix teams with years of experience in this field, has achieved remarkable results in making beneficial lesson plans, including:

  1. a) Eliminating unnecessary and invalid content which are found in cyberspace for this field.
  2. b) Simplifying the terms and methods.
  3. c) Emphasis on practice with strong support during training until the trader get qualified to set up a real account by the help of teacher and assistants.
  4. d) Identifying and addressing the errors of student’s trading strategies. Even traders who have previously traded with self-study methods can benefit from these courses and support system.
  5. e) All tutorials in Phoenix are based on the psychological terms. A topic that is not seen in many educational lesson plans despite its importance.
  6. f) The price of the courses is very reasonable compared to its content value.

Yes, the technical discussion of this market is common to all online financial markets. But in the fundamental terms, the focus is more on international markets. Phoenix Company intends to consider a separate specialized course to understand the Iranian stock market in future soon.

Yes. In fact, the course syllabus is designed to be simple and understandable for anyone. Many of our last students, who cooperate professionally with Phoenix Teams today, came from irrelevant majors and work experiences.

Maybe yes. But you are automatically faced with a huge amount of information on the web, which causes confusion and increases anxiety.

 Plus, replacing a concept which is wrongly learned is more time consuming than learning it correctly from scratch.   

 Also, remember that self-study deprives you from seeing the mistakes of others. This could be a very important key in trading. Being in the educational atmosphere in a team has special advantages that cannot be achieved by self-study.

It really depends on you and your personal preferences.

As a “trader to be” What are your priorities?

Is it as a personal investment for you? Or as a main job?

In fact, this depends on your free time and your interests along with your financial goals.

No. But Phoenix Teams intends to issue a special certificate for traders. This certificate is for those who have been able to represent a successful trading journal after completing the training courses (or even without passing it) in a period of at least 3 months. The conditions and details required to obtain this certificate and the trading journal are explained in detail in the relevant section.

There are different ways of payment.

  1. a) Bank Account
  2. b) Crypto currency
  3. c) PayPal

Depending on your location and choice, you can choose any of above. But, in all those ways we consider the price based on Tether (crypto dollar currency) price in market.

Promotions might be announced depending on the special occasions in our web page. Please contact our support team in this regard.

immediately after registration in the course, a group in WhatsApp is created for those who are participating in this course. Trainers, admins and assistants are also members of this group. Depending on the help you need, you will receive the necessary support in a day. Click here for more information.

Disclaimer: All statements, whether expressed verbally or in writing, in our webinars or training courses are the opinions of Phoenix-Traders, its instructors and/or employees. Students/ subscribers are responsible for making their own choices and decisions regarding all purchases or sales of stocks. At no time is any stock or commodity presented by Phoenix-Traders and its employees to be construed as a recommendation to buy or sell any shares or commodities or other online financial products. Phoenix-Traders is strictly an educational service, not a broker or an investment advisor. Users must be at least [18] years of age to use this website.

Let's learn to be a successful trader